Commercial Banking Team

Our team of dedicated and experienced Commercial Bankers understand the challenges business owners face everyday.  Our team is committed to the success of your business by providing state of the art products and services, with competitive rates and quick and local decision making made by the people you know and trust. 

Christopher Logan

Executive Vice President Chief Administrative Officer 603.527.3204

Tania Baert

Senior Vice President Senior Commercial Credit Officer 603.527.3243

Edwin Killam

Senior Vice President Team Leader, Commercial Banker

Jacy Amenkowicz

Vice President Commercial Banker 603.527.3218

Joanne Gagnon

Vice President Commercial Banker 603.230.4228

James Hayes

Vice President Corporate Cash Management Manager 603.527.7213
Megan Ryder

Megan Ryder

Vice President Corporate Cash Management Officer 603.527.3373

Charles Schwab

Vice President Commercial Banker

Ellen Soucy

Vice President Corporate Cash Management Officer 603.528.8153

Deborah Tessier

Vice President Commercial Banker 603-527-3386

Debra Thum

Vice President Commercial Banker 603.528.8156

Christopher Walkley

Vice President Commercial Banker 603.527.3257

Katie Reid

Assistant Vice President Commercial Banking Officer 603.527.3255

Bambi Benton

Commercial Banking Officer 603.527.3264