Overdraft Privilege

Courtesy Overdraft*

The bank covers your overdrafts up to a predetermined amount.

 *Overdrafts may be created by check, in person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, everyday debit card transactions, ACH or other electronic means. Payment of overdrafts under the courtesy overdraft program is discretionary. We will not authorize and pay overdrafts for ATM or everyday debit card transactions without your opt-in. For consumer accounts, a fee of $35 will be charged for each overdraft paid, (up to a maximum of $175 per day). For commercial accounts, a fee of $35 will be charged for each overdraft paid. Overdrafts must be repaid within 30 days.

Transfer Overdraft Protection**

Money is automatically transferred from another BNH account the same-day to cover overdrafts, free of charge.

**Limitations on transfers for non-consumer accounts.  Donor account is ineligible for overdraft protection. 

Stop by your local office or call our Customer Service Center at 1.800.832.0912 for more information regarding any of the overdraft options available to you, to opt-in to courtesy overdraft, or to revoke your opt-in. An additional opt-in is required in order for us to pay overdrafts resulting from ATM or everyday debit card transactions. You may revoke this opt-in at any time by visiting a local office or telephoning us at the above number.