Debit and ATM Cards

At MasterCard™ merchants, your Debit Card works like a check. You present your Debit Card to the cashier, sign the receipt, and your purchase is deducted from your checking account. You may even use it to obtain cash at an ATM.

View a current list of all Bank of New Hampshire Locations and ATM's.

To report a lost or stolen ATM or debit card, please call the Customer Service Center 24/7 at 1.800.472.3272.

Debit Cards Available
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Debit Card Travel Advisory

When elevated levels of fraud are identified in a particular region, it may be necessary for us to block Debit Card authorizations to protect your account. Please visit our Debit Card Travel Advisory page before you travel to ensure that you will not be negatively impacted by these restrictions. Click here to see the current list of blocked transaction types.

    EMV (Europay, MasterCard® and Visa®) is a global security standard for all major payment cards. Commonly referred to as “chip cards,” EMV cards utilize a chip instead of a magnetic stripe to hold the data that is required to process a transaction. If a merchant accepts EMV cards, the terminal will communicate with the chip on your EMV card to validate the authenticity of the card. This makes EMV transactions safer and more secure.  Your EMV card also has contactless technology which makes your EMV transactions faster and easier than a standard EMV card. 
Debit Card Fraud Alerts  Keeping our customers protected from fraud is important to us. Debit Card Fraud Alerts is a complimentary service included with your Bank of New Hampshire debit card that notifies you when suspicious activity occurs on your card. Click here to learn more.
  Mobile Wallets allow you to securely store your debit card in your mobile device.  At participating merchants, simply use your mobile device to make your next purchase.  Transactions are fast, safe, and secure.  Bank of New Hampshire currently supports all three of the major Mobile Wallets services - Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Click here to learn more about Mobile Wallets.


MasterCard’s Automatic Billing Updater (ABU) conveniently updates participating merchants with new or updated debit card information.  For example, if you lost your debit card and received a new one or your card expired and you have a new expiration date, that information would be updated automatically at participating merchants. This service avoids recurring payment interruptions caused by outdated debit card information.
Debit by Design                       Show off your family, your pets or that amazing summer trip you went on! Debit by Design puts the power in your hand to customize the image on your debit card. Express yourself and create a personal connection to the way you spend your money. Your debit card will be a perfect conversation starter to show off! Click here to learn more about Debit by Design!

Prestige Checking customers qualify to receive a Prestige Platinum Debit Card loaded with great benefits that you can appreciate. When you sign up for a Prestige Platinum Debit Card you receive MasterCard Global Service™ with 24-hour worldwide assistant, Lost and Stolen Card Reporting, Emergency Card Replacement, and Emergency Cash Advance.

Learn more about the benefits of the Prestige Plus Membership.

If you are a Bank of New Hampshire checking customer, then you have the opportunity to receive a Debit MasterCard© with Contactless™ technology. Click here for details.
When you use a(n) Allpoint ATM, you avoid paying the surcharge typically charged by non-BNH ATM owners. There are over 55,000 available ATMs in the network. To preview the ATMs in the Allpoint Network or to download an app for your Apple, Android or Windows device, please click here.

We're also a member of the Presto! ATM Network. When you use a Presto! ATM, you avoid paying the surcharge typically charged by non-BNH ATM owners*. These Presto! ATMs can be found in the Publix supermarkets. To locate a Presto! ATM click here.

*A $2.00 fee is charged by BNH for each withdrawal made at a non-BNH ATM, including Presto! ATM's.