Bank of New Hampshire checking account customers have the opportunity to receive a Debit MasterCard© with Contactless™. This card carries the MasterCard logo, and is accepted worldwide at participating MasterCard merchants.

BNH checking account debit cards feature MasterCard contactless technology. This technology allows you to make purchases at participating merchants by just tapping your card on the merchant’s payment reader at the checkout counter. If you’re making a purchase of less than $50, no signature is required, Just Tap & Go™. Look for the radio signal on the merchant reader. This will indicate that the merchant accepts contactless payments with your debit card. Contactlass debit cards contain a microchip. When the debit card is "tapped" against a contactless payment receiver, your purchase will be completed. This will make getting in and out of merchants fast and convenient. Transactions over $50 will require a PIN or signature to complete the transaction. 

MasterCard is constantly working to protect you with sophisticated fraud-fighting tools that proactively predict, monitor, and prevent fraud.

For more information, visit the MasterCard Contactless website.

Signature not required for purchases of $50 or less at participating locations. PIN may be required for debit transactions. © 2015 MasterCard. MasterCard is a registered trademark, and Contactless and Tap & Go are trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated.