Debit Card Travel Advisory

In an effort to combat debit card fraud, it may be necessary for Bank of New Hampshire to block certain transaction types in other states or countries. This page will communicate which transactions are currently being blocked due to high levels of fraud that has been attempted or committed. The information below is updated regularly so please visit this page before traveling outside of NH.

Protecting our customers from identity theft is one of our top priorities. We sincerely appreciate your understanding with our efforts in preventing debit card fraud.


Domestic Blocks

When traveling outside NH, the following transactions must be processed as a “debit” transaction (not “credit”) and will require your Personal Identification Number (PIN):

  • Service/Gas Stations


International Debit Card Transactions

When traveling outside the United States or making an international purchase online, please call 1.800.832.0912 so that we may allow international activity on your debit card.