Security and Identity Theft Center

Secure Communication

Bank of New Hampshire will:

  • Ask anyone calling in using your name to provide unique information (that only you should know) that can confirm your identity.
  • Occasionally send you emails/texts indicating that information specifically for you is available on our secure web site (and inviting you to log in and view it).
  • We, or one of our trusted third party service providers will, from time to time communicate with you through email/text. These messages may contain embedded links to make it convenient for you to move to a particular webpage.

Bank of New Hampshire will NOT:

  • Send you an email asking you for account or personal information.
  • Send you an email that contains account or personal information about you.

Bank of New Hampshire will never initiate a communication that will ask for any personal information online or by email. If you ever doubt the legitimacy of any communication from us, please contact us immediately at 1.800.832.0912.

Security of Your Data

Bank of New Hampshire uses the latest technologies including firewalls, Intrusion Detection Prevention Systems, Encryption and other best practices to ensure the security of your data and Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

We have teams constantly analyzing data flowing in and out of the bank as well as transactions related to your accounts.

Once your data leaves the confines of our walls and electronic systems, we have little control over it. We rely on you to secure your systems and communications to help ensure that you are protected from account takeover, fraud and identity theft. Please review the steps on the security pages of this website to help keep yourself secure.