Social Engineering

Businesses need to pay special attention to social engineering. Criminal's use of these methods have become widespread as a precursor to theft of data and property.

Train staff to be aware of phishing and spear phishing attempts. Similar techniques involving voice over I.P., text messages and web sites are described on our phishing page.

Have procedures in place and ensure all staff use shredders, or a shred/burn bin with a destruction service and keep offices or desk drawers locked when unoccupied.

Employees should also be cognizant of dumpster diving and other attempts to collect proprietary or privately identifiable information (PII). Make sure you train them and remind them to be on the watchout for "odd things" around your business such as unknown people taking pictures or phone calls from people asking odd questions or making demands. Also be aware of "unexpected" visits from fire or utility inspectors (ask for ID).