Asset Management

A Fiduciary Partner Focused on You

Our dedicated and experienced team understands the challenges you face every day. At BNH you’ll find an experienced partner that is fully focused on your mandates, and unique liability and fiduciary challenges. By placing your needs and goals at the center of all we do, we can create an investment portfolio that addresses your financial challenges, minimizes risk and taxes, and produces attractive outcomes over the long term.

Fiduciary oversight of your portfolio

1. Your unique investment policy statement frames a strategy designed to achieve your financial goals and mandates.


2. Fiduciary oversight ensures your portfolio is customized to stated risk/reward parameters and other critical considerations.


3. Disciplined processes and investment committee oversight drives tactical positions based on fundamental outlook.

4. Diversified portfolios that integrate capital appreciation, income and alternative strategies deliver highly competitive performance.


5. Performance attribution identifies securities to include/exclude. Ongoing rebalancing keeps portfolio aligned with asset allocation strategy


Our security selection processes

The BNH investment process is systematic approach that integrates our investment committee’s macroeconomic forecast for capital markets with your unique circumstances — delivering a customized solution that targets companies with strong fundamentals and favorable risk/reward potential.

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