Financial Planning


A Comprehensive Approach to Wealth Management

Financial planning approach

Our dedicated Wealth Management team is committed to building a lasting relationship with you, one that effectively guides you through significant life events and volatile market cycles— so you can confidently enjoy your family, your life and your wealth.

There are many component parts to successfully managing your financial life. At the Bank of New Hampshire, effective wealth management begins with a tailored financial plan that helps you align your assets with your goals and ambitions.


Our financial planning process

Our customized financial planning process is thoughtful and thorough. The end result is a comprehensive wealth management plan that is built around you.

1. Engage
Assess your needs, challenges, aspirations, values and priorities. Identify cash flow requirements, tax concerns, retirement dreams, and legacy and charitable planning issues.


2. Examine
Review existing investments and tax liabilities to assess your current financial picture.


3. Evaluate
Identify shortfalls and challenges.

4. Design
Realize goals at your risk comfort level.

5. Implement
Customized asset allocation that takes your existing investments into consideration.

6. Monitor
Assess in light of economic and market conditions, and rebalance any investment weightings over or under target.


7. Reevaluate
Ensure strategy remains relevant and on course throughout life changes.