Investment Management

Although investment results can never be guaranteed, we believe our clients will benefit from the application of these principles:

Success favors the long-term investor. The probable results of various investment approaches over long periods are fairly predictable. They can be estimated and compared, along with the risks involved.

By contrast, short-term results, how stocks or bonds will perform over the next six months, even the next year, appear to be virtually impossible to predict.

Whether your primary goal is to build wealth or to enjoy a steady income that keeps pace with the cost of living, we believe a long-term approach is essential.

Choosing the right asset mix is critical. How much of your money should be in stocks and in which types of stocks? How much should be in bonds? How much should be set aside as a stable, interest-earning reserve? Deciding on the right investment mix and sticking to it (until your goals or circumstances change significantly) is a major step toward investment success.

Investment programs should be custom tailored. The right investment strategy for you will depend on your unique personal circumstances. If your investment program is not tailored to your needs, you won’t be happy with it and, therefore, it probably won’t succeed.