Investment Management

An Investment Portfolio that Is Uniquely Yours

Your investment portfolio is the centerpiece of your wealth management plan, and at BNH we deliver a customized solution designed around your financial challenges and aspirations. Our investment process integrates our expectations for capital markets with your unique circumstances — from risk tolerance to tax liabilities, from cash flow needs to desired returns.

A disciplined and proven investment process

1. We craft an investment policy that lays out your personal asset allocation and risk management strategy.


2. Investment committee oversight drives tactical asset allocation positions based on market outlook.


3. Your tailored portfolio will integrate capital appreciation income and alternative strategies to meet your risk/reward parameters. Our disciplined processes have proven to deliver highly competitive performance.


4. Managing risk is an ongoing initiative that includes periodically revisiting your asset allocation strategy, rebalancing to ensure your portfolio remains aligned with that strategy, and identifying securities to include/exclude based on performance attribution.