Legacy Planning

Providing for the People and Causes that Matter to You

Legacy planning — BNH’s comprehensive and holistic approach to estate planning — is the creation of a strategy to pass on wealth to the people and causes that matter most to you.

Your legacy plan will be built around your core values, charitable concerns, and intentions for future generations — it’s a plan designed to accumulate wealth to meet those intentions and put them into effect. Legacy planning is especially important for businesses owners or those with assets such as real estate or valuable heirlooms.


Planning the legacy you’d like to leave

  • We begin by understanding the legacy you would like to leave — from tangible assets to intangible ones, such as your core values, charitable endeavors and family traditions.
  • Helping your family feel confident about enacting your legacy is important. We facilitate multi-generational conversations around the values you’d like to impart and how to manage the assets you will leave behind.
  • For those with philanthropic intentions, charitable giving solutions can ensure that your assets will continue to support the causes that are meaningful to you.
  • Whether leaving assets to your heirs or charities, your legacy plan will incorporate strategies and vehicles to help minimize estate taxes.