Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning for Today and Tomorrow

Financial obligations, and opportunities, today can impact your savings for tomorrow. Your wealth management team will help you identify and address your current and future needs — and goals — to design a retirement plan that will build assets today and generate steady income in retirement.

BNH Retirement Solutions

Building a personalized retirement plan

  • Understand your aspirations for retirement.
  • Evaluate potential income needs during retirement.
  • Consider existing retirement programs, including Social Security, pension plans, etc.
  • Assess potential shortfalls and design an accumulation strategy to bridge the gap.
  • Conduct scenario testing to ensure retirement expenses are covered based on various life expectancies.
  • At retirement, recommend income drawdown scenarios to meet those needs.
  • Business owners might be interested in learning more about retirement planning strategies designed to make your business more competitive while driving better retirement outcomes — for you and your employees.